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Single piece only! Grab before it's gone! Lakshmana Rekha metaphorically speaking is a means to keep control over the five senses, set boundaries & practice abstinence. The transgression of this boundary line may have consequences to bear!


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Lakshmana Rekha from Ramayana - The Kalamkari Collective Edit Mythology series

Lakshmana Rekha a key episode in Ramayana is a line drawn by Lakshmana around the dwelling he shares with his brother Rama and Rama's wife Sita at Panchavati in the forest of Dandakaranya (present day Nashik in Maharashtra). The line is meant to protect Sita, while he is away searching for Rama. In the story, Rama goes chasing a golden deer (which actually is the Rakshasa Maricha in disguise), and does not return for a long time. When Sita coerces Lakshmana to leave in search of his brother, Lakshmana who cannot bear to see Sita cry in grief, reluctantly decides to go and search for Rama, subject to his condition that Sita not cross the protective line he draws. Anybody other than Rama, Sita and himself attempting to cross the line would be singed by flames erupting from the line. Once Lakshmana leaves in search of Rama, the Rakshasa king Ravana comes in the form of a mendicant and asks Sita for alms. Not expecting a trick, she unsuspectingly crosses the Lakshmana Rekha to provide alms to him.
Sita crosses the line only because Ravana insists that alms cannot be accepted across a barrier as having a boundary in between was against the principle of free will of the donor & after all ""अतिथि देवो भवः"" the guest is embodiment of a Deva!

From our first ever
“Touring Talkies” series on ready to wear cholis in collaboration with none other than Mamata Reddy from KalamCreations by Mamata Reddy! In our Episode 2: “Know your Kalamkaris” with Mamata Reddy you would have seen the 23 steps involved in the jaw dropping & laborious art form of the hand painted Kalamkari.

Presenting “Lakshmana Rekha from Ramayana - The Kalamkari Collective Edit Mythology series“ of cholis curated exclusively for अबnoरmal featuring episodes from the Ramayana. A limited edition range of Handpainted Kalamkari in vegetable dyes in pure cotton Ikat. This Choli is depicting Sita about to cross the Lakshmana Rekha to provide alms to Ravana episode of Ramayana.

Two pieces available - KK-ABN-10 & KK-ABN-16.

Sizes: The choli comes in standard ready to wear FREE sizes that can be adjusted from 36 to 42!

Convenient easy to remove stitches all over so you can remove them to fit your body!

Bust: 36in (Please note: This blouse can be adjusted to bust size 38, size 40 and size 42)
Length: 16in
Sleeve length: 12in, Shoulder: 16in

Material: Pure cotton ikat with lining.

Please note that colours and tones shown here are as close to the original as possible. Small variations may occur due to light, individual screen peculiarities or resolution.

Free shipping anywhere in India. International shipping will be charged on actuals.

Delivery: This limited edition choli can be dispatched IMMEDIATELY on confirmed order with payment. 

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