Bollywood – A new high in fashion industry

Bollywood films have a major impact on the lives of Indians. We take certain pride in flaunting a dress that was worn on-screen by someone famous and often use the name of actors or actresses as reference for a haircut. Our jewellery has to sparkle just like it did in a particular ad film and our homes should be done up just like it was in one of the films. It is said that cinema is a reflection of reality. However, let’s take a look at the times that reel-life inspired real-life trends... brings you various trends and styles that take you back in time or sync in with the current flavor of style. This style form builds a strong statement of bold and unique personality that one bears, to start with below are some amazing collections that could set you in the center stage.


Beautifully hand painted and *embellished Rekha face, in this saree and choli, we see this Bollywood queen’s fan and lovers going crazy about this collection. Be it a wedding function or a cocktail party, this saree has been a talk of the town carrying the class of Rekha with it. The shot from the all famous movie Utsav, this saree connects sensuality with fame. A piece of pride and confidence, this saree and choli can be bought online on


This choli got the attention for being a real new thing in town. It not only adds the “Salman Bhai” bold dabangg image to your outlook , it also is a very well placed choli as a great market trend setter. Be it a college fest, a casual meet-up or kitty parties, you would not fail to lure the others to have one too.
Designer choli that is bright, playful and full of attitude, with Robinhood Pandey's pair of cool cop shades appliquéd on the back.

You can shop the choli online on


Embody the quirkiness of the supremely talented Sridevi in the choli that’s dedicated to her onscreen spunk, with a cute hand-painted image of this Chaalbaaz! This choli is a great experiment in taking a comic face idea to a real life display in the form of a painted choli. Not everyone can muster the guts to wear this choli,but the ones who do are true trend setters.
Are you up for this? Buy it on and make your friends raise those eyebrows wink wink...

You can shop the choli online on


Now who can forget this innocent love story and how the polka dot dress of “Bobby” got so famous and in fashion. Not in the wildest dreams did we imagine that these two elements could be brought together to make a “Choli”. Ab-NorMal store just did that in this Bobby-inspired polka dot choli, by incorporating main elements of the dress like a sash tie, adorable pink rose brooch to show love and rounded puppy collar for innocence.

You can shop the choli online on

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