S1 E13 - Kantha: Bengal’s homespun rural charm

Episode 13: “Kantha: Bengal’s homespun rural charm”

Nakshi Kanthar Math meaning "The Field of the Embroidered Quilt" published in 1928 is a dramatized Bengali verse narrative written by poet Jasimuddin & is considered a masterpiece in Bengali language. The protagonist Saju pours her grief over separation from her beloved husband Rupai in the form of Nakshi Kantha & this is found by her husband after her death on her grave.

Kantha is a form of expression for women; an embroidery technique that wasn’t done for its commercial value but to tell their stories at a time when many rural women could not do it through literature.

अबnoरmal proudly presents “Touring Talkies”
Season 1 “Kanyakumari se Kashmir tak - Ek Sari-torial Safar”.

This weekend our Sari-torial Safar continues its voyage in Bengal with a focus on Bengal’s homespun rural charm the humble running stitch or Kantha.

Our Guest Speaker is
Darshan Shah from Weavers Studio Kolkatta a textile entrepreneur who chanced upon the business of textiles 28 years ago. Darshan’s generosity in sharing her archival information, exhibits & interview footage has helped me tremendously in crafting this episode.

Hear Ruby Pal Choudhary (Crafts activist, Advisor and President Emeritus of Crafts Council of West Bengal) ,Satarupa Dutta Majumdar (Textile Researcher) & Darshan Shah talk about the journey of the humble Kantha from rural Bengal to international fashion ramps & the journey of the women who make them earning a livelihood from their hobby. Kantha is a great example of a balance between modernization & tradition such that the art form survives & thrives.

Please sit back & enjoy the video we have filmed.

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Kantha making videos & pics courtesy Weavers Studio
Video edit courtesy @kk_fotography

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