S1 E4 - “Know your Kashmiri Kashidas“

Episode 4 “Know your Kashmiri Kashidas“
The episode is filmed as 2 parts.

अबnoरmal proudly presents “Touring Talkies”
Season 1 “Kanyakumari se Kashmir tak - Ek Sari-torial Safar”.

This weekend we take you to Kashmir to soak in some of its exquisite Kashidakari. Kashida is Persian for elongated, flowy cursive script & the calligraphy nature of Kashmiri Kashida is true to its etymology.
In Part 1 we will see the origin of the various embroidery forms & delve deep into Zalakdozi or Aari & Sozni.
In Part 2 we will delve deep into Papier-mâché & Tilla forms of embroidery & learn about indigenous Kashmiri chinons, silks & tweeds.

Our Guest Speaker Priti Yashwant hails from Kashmir & her passion, knowledge & work around the weaves & kashida from Kashmir. is what drew me to her brand Champa Qali Designs a couple of years back.

Please sit back & enjoy the video we have filmed. Hope you appreciate our sincerity of effort & do provide constructive feedback, comments, suggestions & criticisms so I can work on them for future episodes.

Part 1


 Part 2


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