Women’s Day - How Women Choose to be Bold in Fashion

A woman has no single definition, and no one identity. From religion to society and culture, there are multiple visible roles that women adopt and embrace - mother, daughter, wife, sister, and an infinite number of professional identities that they possess the capability to do justice to.

When we talk of Women’s Day, however, the first person to come to mind should forever be you - who are you? What defines you? What makes you the astounding and indomitable woman that you are? We can forever look into the small things about our personalities that give our lives substance and quality to determine our individuality, and much of this is related to the choices we make on a daily basis. From finalising business deals to deciding the menu of a luncheon, every single decision we make reverberates through our immediate environment and society.

One aspect of life that continuously portrays one’s personality is their appearance, and owning your appearance is a service you do to yourself akin to a self-promotion activity. Talking of boldness and self-assertion, there can hardly be any doubt that when we choose to express ourselves by serving looks, we announce the unique individual that we are. The couture collection at Ab-Normal embodies this spirit of boldness and individuality wholeheartedly, and our clothing speaks unconventional and fresh the moment our product crosses your eyes. Be it the ‘Rangeela-Re’ choli or the ‘Shankara’ choli, from the name to the colour combos and the tassels of these stunning pieces, we are beyond normal in every way conceivable.

How our abnormal designs define boldness and characteristic is highlighted through the fashion choices and vested interests of many astounding women. Take Instagram influencer Anu Mishra (lipstik_in_the_city) for instance. Her persona oozes confidence and agency, embracing and portraying a refreshing boldness as she expresses her fashion choices with her two cents on some aspect of how she lives her life, as well as her beliefs and creativity. The manner in which she adorns the ‘Shankara’ choli is pregnant with profound meaning for her, and she appears a winner in express herself with her unassuming sartorial penchant through our clothing.

People notice her, and people notice you too. People look at how you lead your life, how you move through society, how you walk-the-talk. And being visual and aesthete creatures, humans have a very high tendency to decipher one’s personality through the visual statements they make, ergo their fashion quotient. Coco Chanel said “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman”, and at Ab-Normal, we have every fix in handy that will ensure that your impeccable womanhood is stamped in the minds of people wherever you take yourself. So why the wait? Let your individuality overtake you and adorn yourself with our gorgeous pieces - show the world the power woman you are!
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